What is the current situation in Turkey, from 10.25.2023?

What is the current situation in Turkey, from 10.25.2023?


What is the current situation in Turkey, from 10.25.2023?

Turkey is a tourist country known for its chic resort areas, attracting many tourists from different countries all year round.

Everyone knows that recently very turbulent and military actions in Israel cause concern among travelers, as people care about their own safety. Turkey is far enough away from the area of hostilities, so there is nothing to fear. Now the holiday season is coming to an end in the country and you can buy a ticket at a bargain price.

What is the situation at the resorts ?

Today, the conflict between Palestine and Israel has affected several Middle Eastern States.  On October 17, 2023, after a terrible bomb attack on a hospital in Gaza, mass events were organized in some Turkish settlements to protest and support the children of Palestine. There were demonstrations with the participation of several thousand people, they also took place in the tourist cities of Turkey. According to the information received from the media, the events were coordinated with the local municipality, but tourists did not take part in it.

Protests against Israel were also held in Istanbul, the Islamic Community supports the autonomy of Palestine. But there is no threat to the safety of tourists in Turkish resorts. The atmosphere here is calm and measured. And in the cities where the political centers of the country are located, active measures are being taken to strengthen security. The only thing the authorities are calling for is to avoid crowded public places.

The violent protests that took place on Turkish territory due to the situation in Gaza, when half a thousand citizens died, did not affect the tourist regions. After the tragedy in Gaza, the rally was not very large-scale. It was held on the Republican Square near the Old Town. The administration agreed on the location and time of the action in advance. Therefore, there were no tourists at the event. The guests of the country who planned an excursion to these places on this day refused to visit them. Casual passers-by among tourists did not feel any discomfort when they found themselves in the area of mass events. The rally was held under the control of representatives of law enforcement agencies.

History of relations between Turkey and Israel

At one time, Turkey was one of the first states to recognize Israel. The countries have maintained partnership relations for a long period of time. Members of the government came to an agreement and agreed on a multi-billion dollar project to build an oil pipeline. After the election of Turkish President Recep Erdogan to the post of Prime Minister in 2003, a persistent trend towards the Islamization of the country and an increase in anti-Israeli narratives began to emerge. Turkey is gradually distancing itself from Israel. Another moment of soured relations with Turkey can be considered the active rapprochement of Israel in 2010 with Greece and Cyprus. In the spring of 2022, relations between Israel and Turkey resumed again.

What is the situation at the resorts?

In the middle of autumn, Turkey occupies a leading position in the sale of vouchers. What is the reason for this? Usually in October, the Egyptian direction came out on top. In Egypt, during this period of time, the weather conditions are more comfortable, and the water temperature in the sea is optimal for swimming. In Antalya, the air temperature ranges from 27-30 degrees Celsius, and the water temperature is 26 degrees. The cost of tours to Turkey in October – November 2023 significantly benefits compared to Egypt. Seven days in Antalya in a five-star all-inclusive hotel today can be bought with a noticeable benefit. The price starts from 100,000 rubles. Turkey always attracts travelers with its warm sea, gentle sunshine, and high level of service. That is why more modern tourists prefer not Egypt, but Turkey. The cost of flights in early November is cheaper than the Egyptian direction. From the second week of November, the weather may deteriorate, forecasters predict rains. The situation at the resorts is calm.

Will people who have visited Israel be allowed in?

The Arab states and Turkey willingly allow Russian citizens with Israeli visas in foreign passports. Now Israelis have learned not to put marks about visiting their country in their passports. Such a measure is necessary to exclude a possible situation when tourists may have certain problems with entry and exit to other countries due to visits to Israel in the past.

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