Buying property in Turkey

You have decided to buy an apartment in Turkey.
We chose a suitable object, after which we met with the seller and discussed all the aspects of the real estate purchase and sale transaction.
The next step is the registration of real estate.
It is necessary to collect and issue the necessary package of documents, negotiate with specialists, provide for all the steps of the purchase and sale process.


Together with the company Gürsoy Homes
You will become the owner of liquid property in Turkey in just a few days.
We will solve all the main issues and help you figure everything out!

Stages in the registration of real estate:

1. Documents
Signing the contract
The first stage after choosing a suitable property is the conclusion of a transaction between the seller and the buyer. To do this, you will need a passport.
The signed contract does not give grounds for the transfer of ownership from one owner to another. But it allows you to record all the conditions of purchase: the cost, information about the apartment, address, passport details of the seller and buyer, the procedure and timing of settlements between both parties, rights and penalties for violating agreements. The agreement is drawn up in two copies in two languages – Turkish and the investor’s native language.
In parallel with the signing of the contract, the buyer makes a deposit of 5-10% of the total value of the property, which confirms the seriousness of his intentions.

2. Registration of a tax number
Obtaining an INN is the next stage of registration of the purchase of housing in Turkey and a prerequisite for the transaction for all investors from abroad. An individual tax number is required in Turkey in all instances. With its help, you will be able to register property, open an account in a Turkish bank, obtain a residence permit, conclude utility contracts, connect the Internet and telephone.
An INN is issued at the district Tax inspectorate (vergi dairesi) at the location of the property. The applicant writes a corresponding application and presents his passport to the employee, after which you receive your individual tax number.
The staff of the agency Gürsoy Homes will help you get an individual tax number here and now.

3. Execution of a power of attorney in Turkey
If you do not have the opportunity or desire to stay in Turkey during the entire time of paperwork for the purchase of real estate, we can take care of all the worries and officially represent your interests in public institutions.
You will need to issue a notarized power of attorney to an employee of Gürsoy Homes. The document is drawn up for a certain period and certified by a notary in the presence of a sworn translator. We can act as a proxy for our clients absolutely free of charge.
Registration of a power of attorney is optional if you will be nearby and participate in the paperwork procedure.

4. Registration of ownership
At the specified time, the seller and the buyer/representative by proxy, as well as a real estate agency specialist and a state translator meet at the Cadastral Office. It is here that the purchase of real estate in Turkey is formalized and the TAPU (certificate of ownership) is transferred to the new owner.
At this stage, you must fully pay off the previous owner for the purchase, pay all taxes and related registration costs. The deadline for receiving TAPU is approximately 10-14 days.
TAPU is the main document confirming the legal ownership of real estate, which is indisputable even in court.

5. Registration of technical passport and counters
You only need to issue utility documents in your name, as well as get a technical passport of the facility.
If you bought an apartment from a developer, new subscribers for water and electricity are issued.
In case of a secondary sale, it will only be necessary to reissue the contracts concluded in the name of the former owners.
An individual technical passport in Turkey is called Iskan.
It is received when buying apartments in a new building. If you purchase an apartment on the secondary market, Iskan should already be.
Employees of the company can take all questions on registration of Iskan and subscribers for utilities on themselves.

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