Assistance in obtaining a residence permit

Assistance in obtaining a residence permit

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After purchasing real estate in Alanya, new tasks arise: obtaining subscription bills for water and electricity, furnishing furniture and household appliances, and other common household issues that a foreigner cannot solve independently and effectively. Specialist help is needed here!

Turkey is home to a huge number of foreign residents, among whom there are both residents of the Middle East and foreigners who came here from Eastern and Western Europe, the former CIS countries. Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Kazakhs and other peoples love Turkey not only as a place to relax, but also choose it for permanent residence.

Due to the actively growing demand from foreign citizens, today the Republic of Turkey is among the 10 most popular countries in the world for buying liquid real estate.

As in any other country, in order to live in Turkey for a long time, you need to have a residence permit or an ICAMET. The standard validity period of a residence permit is 1-2 years, it can be extended an unlimited number of times upon expiration.

The reasons for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey can be very different (marriage, study, business, work), but one of the most popular in recent years has been investing in real estate.

Obtaining a residence permit is a logical result of buying a home in the property. It is necessary to know that a residence permit is issued only if there is a TAPU – a document confirming the right to property.

Licensed real estate agency Gürsoy Homes provides comprehensive assistance to its beloved clients at all stages of choosing and buying real estate, including obtaining a TAPU in Turkey and a residence permit.

We will advise and help you to properly go through all the stages of registration of real estate in Turkey, the procedure for applying for ikamet in electronic form on the website, as well as prepare an up-to-date package of documents for a rendezvous at the migration service, pay fees. The period of registration of a residence permit in Turkey for property owners is approximately 2 weeks.

Every property owner has the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Turkey.

We strive to make you feel confident and comfortable in your new home, so our team is always ready to help you with any questions related to after-sales service. You can contact us with any questions, in any way convenient for you. We are always happy to help!

Assistance in obtaining a residence permit

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