Replacement of a foreigner’s driver’s license in Turkey.

Replacement of a foreigner’s driver’s license in Turkey.


Replacement of a foreigner’s driver’s license in Turkey.


Why is it necessary to replace the rights?

You can stay in the Republic of Turkey with your rights for no more than 6 months, in the future your rights will expire and it must be exchanged for a local driver’s license.

Of course, there are always options for how to legally circumvent this point…

To do this, you just need to leave the country for another state and by driving back to Turkey, you reset the previous period of use of your rights. You have again 6 months of legal movement on Turkish roads. This is practiced not only in Turkey, but also in many countries of the world.


What is the threat if you do not replace and reset the driver’s license of a foreigner?

If you have expired rights, this is equivalent to the fact that you do not have them and you are subject to a fine for driving without a driver’s license. The amount may vary, so I will not write here, so that the information may be irrelevant in the near future. It happens that you can avoid this fine, as lucky as you are.

2. Loss of money

If you get into an accident, even if it’s not your fault, then you will need to pay for insurance, repairs, damage to your opponent, since your VU is overdue and has no legal force anymore. In this situation, you will spend a lot. And given the frenzied traffic on the road, the situation may be duplicated. It is important to calculate all the risks and be prepared for them.

Thus, there is a need to make minimal efforts and avoid acute situations by replacing your driver’s license with a Turkish driver’s license.

The procedure for replacing a driver’s license.

In order to replace your rights with Turkish ones, there is nothing complicated. It is necessary to collect a specific package of documents, then pay the state fee and make an appointment for a rendezvous at the Sürücü Belgesi section in any Nufus, not necessarily in the area of your residence.



In total you will have 2 trips to this instance…

For the first time, you leave an application that is sent to the Russian Federation. It will take about a month, depending on the Russian-Turkish random.Approval will come to you in the form of an sms from Nüfus. You need to make another appointment for a rendezvous. It is for the second time that you will be issued a temporary Turkish visa, or given a printout, or sent to an e-devlet. The finished Turkish WU will be brought home to you by courier mail within 10 days.

List of documents:

– Notarized translation into Turkish of your driver’s license + original with you;
– Notarized translation of diploma or school certificate (without insert) + original with you. The certificate is cheaper to translate;
– Notarized translation of a foreign passport. It is important that there is a father’s name. At the same time, the father’s name should be the same on all translations. Sometimes they may not request a transfer, everything is very individual.
– Medical certificate Sürücü sağlık raporu (sürücü belgesi için raporu istiyorum/ehliyet). You can do it in a private clinic: donate blood and undergo an optometrist.
– 2 biometric photos, as for ikameta (vopros-otvet/).
– Receipts for payment of state duty. You can pay in any PTT. Just say: “surucu belgesi/ehliyet odeme, b sınıfı, ilk defa”.

If you only need category B, then you will need to pay:

– A color copy of your rights (on both sides) + the original with you.
– A color copy of the current Ikameta (on both sides) + the original with you.
– A color copy of the passport (where the photo and data, entry stamps are not needed) + the original with you.


It is necessary immediately:

Bring a full set of documents to the first rendezvous. You will be given to sign the application and take copies.

On the second Rendezvous, the remaining documents and your VU will be taken away from you.

A temporary driver’s license will be available in e-devlet ( /), if you are lucky, you will be given a printout.

If your license does not arrive within 10 days, go to Nüfus and ask for it there.

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Good luck!

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