Pamukkale: A gentle natural wonder of Turkey

Pamukkale: A gentle natural wonder of Turkey


Pamukkale: A gentle natural wonder of Turkey

Pamukkale is an amazing natural phenomenon that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. This amazing resort is located in Turkey and is one of the main tourist arguments for buying a home in the beautiful city of Alanya. In this article, we will look at why tourism in Turkey and buying an apartment in Alanya are attractive investment opportunities, as well as provide statistics on resort attendance and information on transport accessibility.

Pamukkale: Land of crystal pools

Pamukkale is an amazing natural complex that includes thermal springs and terraces formed by mineral deposits. Literally translated from Turkish, “Pamukkale” means “cotton castle”, thanks to the white, cotton-like limestone deposits. This place impresses with its beauty and amazing landscape, being one of the national natural wonders of Turkey.

Advantages of tourism in Turkey and buying an apartment in Alanya

1. Tourism as an investment

Tourism in Turkey is one of the most important components of the country’s economy. There is a high demand for housing in tourist areas, which makes real estate investments attractive. Alanya, located near Pamukkale, is a popular resort with a developed infrastructure, which makes it an attractive place to buy a home.

2. Developed infrastructure

Alanya is a resort with a variety of opportunities for vacationers. There are beaches, museums, restaurants, parks and much more. This attracts both tourists and potential investors.

3. Cultural heritage

Turkey is famous for its rich historical heritage. There are many historical monuments and archaeological sites in Alanya and its surroundings. This attracts fans of cultural tourism and contributes to increasing interest in buying real estate in this region.

Cleopatra’s Pool

Памуккале отдых

This is one of the iconic attractions of Pamukkale resort in Turkey. It is an amazing pool with thermal mineral water, surrounded by ancient ruins. Let’s tell you more about the Cleopatra Pool and its historical and cultural significance.

History and origin

Cleopatra’s pool is connected with the history of antiquity. It is believed that this pool was built for Queen Cleopatra VII, who ruled Egypt in the I century BC. Legend has it that Cleopatra fell in love with the thermal springs of Pamukkale and built a pool here to enjoy the healing properties of mineral water. She considered these baths the secret key to beauty and youth.

Description of the pool

Cleopatra’s pool has beautiful antique architecture and exquisite design. Its walls and sides are made of antique marble, which gives the pool a special charm. The water in the pool maintains a pleasant temperature and is filled with minerals that are believed to have a beneficial effect on the skin.

Medicinal properties

The mineral water in Cleopatra’s pool is considered healing. Its components, including calcium and sulfur, can help strengthen the skin, relieve stress and have a restorative effect. Tourists come here to enjoy bathing in the thermal waters and get useful therapeutic effects.

Popularity and attendance

Cleopatra’s pool is very popular among tourists. Many people want to feel the atmosphere of antiquity and plunge into the historical context, imagining themselves in the role of Queen Cleopatra. This place attracts both lovers of culture and history, as well as those who are looking for an opportunity to relax and give themselves a pleasant feeling here.

Practical tips

Visiting time: The best time to visit Cleopatra’s pool is spring and autumn, when the air temperature is pleasant and there are fewer tourists.
Cost and tickets: A visit to the Cleopatra pool is usually included in the ticket to the Pamukkale territory. The ticket price depends on the season and may vary.
Safety: It is important to observe the rules of safety and hygiene when swimming in the pool, as well as to respect the cultural characteristics of the place.

Cleopatra Pool offers a unique experience of immersion in history and enjoying nature, which makes it popular among tourists seeking to combine history, culture and relaxation.

Pamukkale Resort attendance statistics

Памуккале отдых

The statistics of the Pamukkale resort attendance shows its popularity among tourists. In recent years, the resort has attracted the attention of an increasing number of visitors, which makes it a significant object for investment in tourist infrastructure and real estate.

Year Attendance (million people)

2018 2.5
2019 3.2
2020 2.8
2021 3.5

Transport accessibility

Pamukkale resort has a convenient location, which makes it easily accessible to tourists from various resort towns in Turkey. Here is a table with distances from resort towns to Pamukkale:

City Distance (km)
Mersin 540
Antalya 240
Alanya 290
Kemer 350
Izmir 230

These data emphasize the convenient geographical location of Pamukkale and its accessibility for tourists from various parts of Turkey.

Pamukkale City Tour

It is an unforgettable adventure during which tourists can enjoy the amazing nature, history and culture of this amazing place. Let’s look at the steps and highlights of such an excursion.

1. Group preparation and gathering

The tour begins with the preparation and gathering of the tourist group. Guides provide information about the route, the start and end time of the tour, as well as give recommendations on behavior and safety.

2. Journey to Pamukkale

The group departs in comfortable tourist buses to the Pamukkale resort. Along the way, the guide tells interesting facts about the region, its history, culture and natural features.

3. Arrival on the territory of Pamukkale

Upon arrival in Pamukkale, the group receives information about the resort itself, its history, geology and natural features. The guide also explains the rules of behavior on the territory of the resort.

4. Inspection of the white terraces

The group goes to the white terraces where you can swim in the thermal pools with warm mineral water, enjoying the amazing view and the feeling of relaxation. Tourists can also take photos in this incredible natural landscape.

5. Free time and rest

After visiting the terraces, tourists are given free time for walking, relaxing and shopping for souvenirs. They can enjoy local cuisine in restaurants, buy souvenirs and mineral water products.

6. Visit to the archaeological complex

Some excursions include a visit to the archaeological complex, which is located near Pamukkale. Here tourists have the opportunity to learn more about the ancient civilizations that inhabited this land.

7. Return to the city

After a busy day, the tour ends, and the tour group returns to the city, where tourists can share their impressions, discuss what they have seen and enjoy a well-deserved rest.

An excursion to Pamukkale offers a unique opportunity to plunge into the magical world of thermal springs, natural beauty and historical artifacts, leaving unforgettable memories.

Памуккале отдых


Pamukkale is a magical natural wonder that attracts tourists with its unique beauty. Investing in tourism in Turkey, especially when buying real estate in popular resort towns like Alanya, is a good step from an economic and tourist point of view. We hope this article has helped you to understand the attractiveness of tourism in Turkey and the potential of investing in real estate. Don’t miss the chance to become a part of this amazing world of nature and culture!


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