Marriage in Turkey

Marriage in Turkey


To have a wedding on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea is an original solution that will leave an unforgettable impression for you and your guests. Both tourists and foreign residents can register a marriage in Turkey. We will tell you what documents are required for registration, depending on the nationality of the bride and groom.
Marriage registration in Turkey for citizens of one country is possible both in the official registry offices (Evlendirme Dairesi) and in the Consulate General of this country. If foreigners from different countries are going to get married, then marriage can only be concluded at the Turkish Marriage Registration Service. In order to get married in Turkey, foreigners do not need a residence permit. A valid visa is sufficient.

Foreigners compatriots
To register a marriage between citizens of the same country, the following documents must be submitted:
— Joint application
— Originals and copies of valid identity documents (passport, internal passport);
— Originals and copies of documents confirming the termination of the previous marriage, if any. This includes certificates of divorce or death of the previous spouse
! Marriage registration takes place a month after the application is submitted.
The service is paid, for example, at the Consulate of the Russian Federation in Antalya, it costs $ 30.
The consulate does not have the conditions for holding a solemn ceremony, i.e. a couple can simply sign there.
Foreigners from different countries
To register a marriage in the Turkish registry office, you need to prepare the following documents:
— Notarized translation of passports
— Certificates of marital status from the consulate of your country, approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey
— Health report (You can take tests and get a certificate of Evlenme sağlık raportu at any state medical institution)
— If the bride is divorced less than 9 months ago, she must provide a certificate that she is not pregnant
— Birth certificates of future spouses (not always required)
All documents need to be translated into Turkish and apostilled. It is best to do this in Turkey.

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For citizens who do not speak Turkish, at the stage of writing the application and during the ceremony itself, the presence of a professional translator will be a prerequisite.
Marriages with Turkish citizens
To register a marriage between foreign and Turkish citizens, the following documents are required:
— Application for registration
— Foreign passport and kimlik of a Turkish citizen and their copies
— Originals and copies of documents confirming the termination of the previous marriage (if there was one), plus a certificate from the bride that she is not pregnant if she was divorced less than 9 months ago
— An extract from the register of the personal status of a Turkish citizen,
— Birth certificates
— Health report
! The list of documents may vary depending on the province. Therefore, it is worth clarifying in advance what it will take to conclude a marriage in a specific registry office in order to bring the necessary documents from your country.

Foreigners can conclude a marriage contract according to the laws of their country (or one of the countries if they are not compatriots), as well as according to the laws of Turkey. If a couple is planning to live and purchase real estate in Turkey, it is better to choose the latter option.
In order for the marriage to be valid on the territory of your country, it should be legalized at the consulate. To do this, the marriage certificate is translated from Turkish and apostilled

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