Life in Turkey for Russians

Life in Turkey for Russians


Life in Turkey for Russians.

We talk about the features of moving and living in Turkey: advantages and disadvantages.


1. Advantages of moving to Turkey for Russian citizens
2. Disadvantages of moving to Turkey
3. What you should know when planning a move to Turkey
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Life in Turkey. Kapadokia.


Turkey is one of the most popular countries for emigration from many countries, including Russia. Geographical proximity, warm climate, favorable conditions for business and investment — that’s what makes this country very attractive for moving.
In Turkey, there is a period of stay in Turkey without a visa – 60. To stay in Turkey for more than 90 days, you need to get a residence permit.
About how you can get a RESIDENCE PERMIT IN TURKEY/IKAMET ( /). You can by viewing the separate QUESTIONS on our website.

Now we want to figure out whether Russians should move to Turkey from Russia for permanent residence?

Advantages of moving to Turkey for Russians
Advantages of living in Turkey for Russians and Russian speakers in 2023:

• rapid growth of the economy and living standards;
• there is a great demand in the labor market — the country needs engineers, tourism workers, cooks, translators, people of creative professions;
• low food prices. Prices here are lower than in Russia, due to the convenient location of the country for exporters and a large number of local industries;
• high level of service. Turkey has a much faster and better service. As they say in Turkey – “zaman paradır” (“time is money”);
• there is something to see. Living in Turkey, you will discover all the richness of its historical heritage, culture and way of life. In addition, two cultures are connected here at once — the Black Sea and the Mediterranean;
• friendly and hospitable people. Turkey is a secular state, people of various states and peoples live in it;
• spacious accommodation. There is a large selection of real estate in the country for any budget, most apartments and houses have several bedrooms and living rooms, and there is also an infrastructure that will allow you to enjoy a comfortable life on the territory of your complex.
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Disadvantages of moving to Turkey…
Turkey, like any country, has a number of disadvantages:

• not the fastest internet. There are many Internet providers in the country, but none yet gives a good connection speed. Moving to live here, it is worth considering this nuance. Although there are many freelancers in the country who continue their work;
• some disregard for Turkish traffic rules drivers. You will definitely have to get used to it, Turkish traffic on the roads is more chaotic than in Russia. Very often drivers are pressed in three rows on two-lane roads, do not let pedestrians pass, etc. There is a tendency to change this for the better, perhaps soon, the situation on the roads will become safer;
• the noise and ardent temperament of the locals. Modest introverts in Turkey may not like it for this reason. In big cities like Mersin, Antalya, Istanbul, life is constantly in full swing;
• apartments, although spacious, have poor sound insulation, but over time you can get used to it;
• high prices for cars and gasoline (nevertheless, in the cities of Turkey, traffic on the roads is off the scale). This disadvantage is easily compensated by the availability of public transport infrastructure.

Istanbul –  is the largest city in Turkey.

Life in Turkey. Great Istanbul.

How to get to Turkey.

The easiest and most profitable option is to fly by plane. There are direct flights from many major cities of Russia, such as St. Petersburg, Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Saratov, and more and more new flight lines are opening.
The cost of tickets depends on the date of the trip: the closer it is, the more expensive the ticket. We advise you to book seats in advance, thereby saving money. But it also happens that the price can be as low as possible, so it’s better to buy tickets at the moment.


The official language is Turkish, but many residents here speak English and Russian, so there is no language barrier as such. There are several resort towns where almost every 5 residents speak Russian or can understand you. For example, the city of Alanya, where there are Russian districts – Mahmutlar.
Difficulties may arise only if you travel outside major cities, so it’s still worth learning the basics of the Turkish language.


The official currency is the Turkish lira. In big cities, you can also pay in dollars or euros.
Please note that the cards of Russian banks with Visa and Mastercard payment systems do not work here, and the Unionpay system is rarely used.
We advise you to contact your local bank to order a card in lira, so as not to experience difficulties when paying for purchases.
It is easier to get a bank card when you already have a residence permit, but if not, you must first get a Vergi Kimlik Numarası tax number, the procedure is free.
Or change the currency in local exchangers that work from early morning until late evening.

Life in Turkey. Turkey’s money.


When entering the country, you must purchase a tourist SIM card from a Turkish telecom operator. It stops working after 3-12 weeks, depending on the company. There are major mobile operators, such as Vodafone, Turk Telekom, Turkcell.
To stay in touch further, you should register your phone’s IMEI in the E Delvet system, for this you need to have a residence permit and Vergi Kimlik Numarası. Otherwise, it is easier to purchase a new smartphone in Turkey in order not to pay taxes for the imported mobile device.
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You can rent a house for the first weeks of your stay through Airbnb, prices start from several thousand rubles, depending on the area of residence and the city.

It is also possible to contact our agency ( to search for a lease. Our investors rent their real estate, so you can always find an option to your liking with us.


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