Life in Mersin. Resort real estate.

Life in Mersin. Resort real estate.


Life in Mersin. Resort real estate.

 Life in Mersin and resort real estate in Turkey is in great demand among foreigners. The most popular resort cities for investment and for living included: Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya. Also, recently, Mersin has become an object for close attention and investment. Life in Mersin attracts not only the mild climate, the beautiful and accessible sea, the developed urban infrastructure, but still the low cost of real estate, which is gradually increasing.


Life in Mersin. Promenade


Mersin is a city located on the southeastern coast of Turkey (Mersin Bay), which has about 1,765,800 inhabitants.


The beaches of Mersin cover more than 100 kilometers. Many of them are fully equipped for recreation, there are water parks, amusement parks, diving centers, surfing and snorkeling are available.

Today Mersin is a city where all the infrastructure necessary for a comfortable life is concentrated: modern clinics, pharmacies, banks, schools and kindergartens (including Russian-speaking ones), shopping malls, gyms, an international seaport, excellent roads, well-established urban transport.

Mersin has a well-developed shopping industry and everything for a comfortable life. Shopping centers: “Forum Mersin Mall”, “Prestige Plaza”, “Palm City”, etc. Fans of expensive brands can visit the Mersin Marina space and look into the BEYMEN store, where exclusive clothing brands in original quality are presented.

The construction of Çukurova International Airport, the second largest air harbor in the country, is underway, which will take the tourism industry to a new level.

Since 1992, the Mersin Universitesi University has been operating, which includes 11 different faculties with a high-quality educational process.

In 2018, together with Russia, the construction of the Akkuyu NPP was launched to provide electricity to Turkey and other countries.

Areas to live in Mersin?

If you are planning to move to Mersin for permanent residence and purchase resort real estate, we recommend that you first get acquainted with the districts of Mersin. There are 13 districts in total:

  1. Akdeniz is the central district where the port, glass, cement, oil refineries and other manufacturing enterprises are located. The area has excellent transport accessibility, the presence of a railway station, minibuses, buses. Buying real estate in Akdeniz is not in great demand among foreigners.
  2. Mezitli is a modern area on the coast. There are no harmful manufacturing enterprises here, so foreign investors are happy to buy apartments. Multi-storey buildings have been built on the embankment, where it is possible to choose apartments with sea views for yourself.
  3. Toroslar is an area located not as close to the beach as Mezitli, so it is not too suitable for purchasing property and renting it out. However, the cost per square meter of housing in Toroslar is approximately 20% lower than in coastal areas. Buying an apartment in Toroslar is suitable for foreigners planning to move to Mersin for a residence permit.
  4. Yenisehir is the largest district of Mersin, where there is a popular shopping center “Forum” and Toros University. It is located on the coast, so buying an apartment is suitable for both renting/reselling and in Turkey.
  5. Tomyuk is a green area with well–maintained pebble and sandy beaches, clear water, clean air. It is here that unique exotic Lebanese cedars grow, the diameter of the trunks of which can reach 11 meters.
    Sights of Mersin

Mersin, like other cities of the Turkish Republic, is rich in historical and natural attractions.

List of the most popular:

1. The ruins of Sola (Pompeipolis). The city of Sola was founded in the VIIIth century BC. in 527, it was destroyed by an earthquake. The surviving ruins on the seashore in the Mezitli area attract tourists from different countries.

Life in Mersin. Ruins of Sola (Pompeipolis)


2. Kizkalesi Castle (Maiden Fortress). One of the famous sights of Mersin during the Middle Ages, associated with the sad story of the king’s daughter, whom he hid in the castle from a snake bite predicted by a fortune teller. The fortress is located 200 meters from the sea. The remains of ancient mosaics have been preserved on its territory, visitors get to the excursion by motor boats.

3. Adam Kayalar is an amazing place where rock figures of unknown origin were discovered. Figures of 11 men, 4 women, 2 children and a dog are carved on the steep cliffs. Archaeologists suggest that they were made in the II century and reflect the Roman aristocracy.

4. Tarsus city and Ashabı Kehf cave. Located 27 km from Mersin. Tarsus is an ancient city, comparable in fame to Athens and Alexandria, which, according to legend, was founded by one of the descendants of Noah. The Cave of the Seven Sleepers or Ashabi Kehf is located 14 kilometers from the city — mentions of it are found in the Koran.

Life in Mersin. Ashabı Kehf Cave


5. Yalan Dünya’ caves — caves of Hell and Paradise. Believers of many religions revere these places as sacred. The difference between the caves is really cardinal: the cave of Hell is narrow, once criminals were dumped here; the cave of Paradise is very beautiful, beautiful butterflies fly here, there is vegetation, reservoirs, a cave with amazing sunlight.

6. Yerkepryu Waterfall. It is located near Mersin on the territory of the picturesque Mut-Ermenek-Gulnar National Park. The name of the waterfall formed by the confluence of two rivers translates as “Bridge of the earth”. The height is about 30 meters, the water flows down a steep cliff surrounded by ancient stalactites.

Life in Mersin. Yerkepryu Waterfall

Many museums and galleries:

1. Mersin Arkeoloji Muzesi – Mersin Archaeological Museum.

Exhibits of high quality (it presents archaeological collections of ancient cities), with English descriptions, here you will discover part of the history of Mersin and its surroundings.

Life in Mersin. Mersin Arkeoloji Muzesi


2. Ataturk House Museum – Ataturk House Museum.

The two-storey house where the founder of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk lived with his wife Latif in 1925. Now the house has been transformed into a museum dedicated to Ataturk and the Turkish War of Independence.

3. Mersin Naval Museum – Naval Museum.

It is located close to the Archaeological Museum, so a trip to both museums can be easily combined. The museum has a lot of interesting exhibits for children, on which you can crawl and touch.


Life in Mersin

Among other things, there are many private and public clinics in Mersin, such as: Medical Park Mersin Hastanesi. Among the high-level private clinics are: City hospital, Özel Mersin Yenisehir Hastanesi.

In 2017, a comfortable state clinic with modern equipment “Şehir Hastanesi” was built in Mersin.

You can be served in medical institutions by paying for receptions and consultations. But when applying for a residence permit, insurance is purchased (tour. SGK-Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu). It gives the right to be served in clinics with a 50% discount. And also after the doctor’s appointment, there will be a discount in pharmacies according to the prescription (valid for 3 days).

Food products

Life in Mersin. Products


Most of the country’s agricultural products are produced in Mersin. Therefore, there are always fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, seafood, high-quality dairy products, as well as meat. The only thing that you will not find here, as well as in other cities of Turkey, is pork, well, and perhaps traditional sweets in the form of cakes, marshmallows, condensed milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, hard cheeses, craft beer and dried fish (although recently, the Turkish market has adapted and you can already find sour cream, cottage cheese).


Sports and health

The atmosphere of the resort town has a healthy and active lifestyle. Many people are increasingly thinking and starting the day with jogging along the embankment, walking, breathing exercises by the sea and visiting yoga.

Climate for living in Mersin

You can forget about winter clothes while living in Mersin forever. The Turkish resort pleases almost all year round with a plus temperature, bright sun and the opportunity to swim in the sea. The climate for living in Mersin is favorable for recreation and life. However, in summer, as in other southern regions of Turkey, it is quite hot here, although there is no high humidity and stuffiness. In order to maintain a comfortable atmosphere indoors, you will need to constantly use air conditioning during the summer months. The cost of electricity for the operation of air conditioners is the main part of your monthly utility expenses.

Personal space

Turks are a very open and sociable people. They like to meet, get acquainted, ask questions, especially to foreigners. Thus, be prepared for increased curiosity and questions over a cup of Turkish coffee.

Road and drivers

Turkish drivers are known outside Turkey, despite the high quality of motorways, the presence of crossings and traffic lights. You will have to get used to dashing on the roads, as one of the characteristics of the southern temperament.


Turks have their own understanding of punctuality and “5 minutes” can stretch to half an hour or more. So just do something useful, for example, read a book.

The Internet

The Internet speed in Turkey is much lower than in other developed countries. There is enough traffic to use social networks and work. However, downloading movies in good quality can take half a day or more.



Resort real estate in Mersin is considered a very profitable investment. Today, the real estate market offers apartments at an affordable price, but soon housing prices will rise significantly. In terms of construction quality, they are in no way inferior to other cities on the Mediterranean coast, and demand is becoming one of the highest.

Resort real estate in Mersin

What determines the price of a resort property in Mersin?

Location — area, distance from the beach, specific characteristics;
Property type (apartment, house, villa with its own plot);
Quadrature, layout;
The year of construction of the residential complex and its technical condition;
Development of the infrastructure of the residential complex and the district — the presence of hospitals, schools, kindergartens, banks, recreation areas;
The infrastructure of the complex – the presence of a swimming pool, hammam, sauna and fitness.

Prices for apartments in Mersin are available. Price examples:

  1. studio apartment from 35,000 euros;
  2. apartments 1+1/2+1 – from 45 000 — 145 000 euro;
  3. apartments 3+1/4+1 – from 65,000 to 180,000 euros.

Attractive prices for resort real estate in Mersin are also found on the secondary market and are 10-15% cheaper than housing from the developer. When buying an apartment at an early stage of construction from the developer, the savings will be about 30%.

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