Immigration to Turkey: types of visas and procedures

Immigration to Turkey: types of visas and procedures


Turkey – is a wonderful country with a rich culture and many opportunities. If you are thinking about living in Turkey, it is important to understand the immigration procedures and the various types of visas that may be useful to you in this process.

Types of visas for Turkey:

Tourist visa: This is the most common type of visa to visit Turkey. It is usually valid for up to 90 days and is intended for tourist trips and short-term visits.
Business Visa: If you plan to establish a business or conduct business activities in Turkey, you will need an appropriate visa. This visa can be issued for both short-term and long-term stay.
Student visa: For international students who want to study in Turkish educational institutions, there is a special student visa. It allows you to legally reside and study in Turkey.
Work Visa: If you have an official job offer from a Turkish employer, you can apply for a work visa. This is an important condition for legal employment in the country.
Visa for family reunification: This visa is intended for spouses and close relatives of those who are already in Turkey legally.
Residence permit when buying an apartment: For anyone who decided to buy an apartment in Turkey worth 75,000 euros in an open area, a residence permit is available for up to two years with the right to extend.

Procedure for obtaining a residence permit and citizenship:

To obtain a residence permit in Turkey, you must meet certain criteria, such as the availability of legal means of livelihood, medical insurance, estimated value of real estate, etc.
The procedure for obtaining a residence permit includes submitting an application, collecting the necessary documents and rendezvous at the local office of the migration service.
Turkish citizenship can be obtained after a certain number of years of legal residence in the country or through investments in the Turkish economy.

It is important to note that immigration procedures may change over time, so it is always worth contacting official sources and consulting with the relevant authorities before starting the immigration process to Turkey.

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