How to get a child into a Turkish school?

How to get a child into a Turkish school?


How to get a child into a Turkish school?


Coming to Turkey for permanent residence with your family, one way or another you face the question, where will my child study?

There are several options:

1. Online school

2. Family form of education (attachment to your school at home with the passing of certification)

3. Public school in Turkey

4. Private school in Turkey.


In this article we will analyze in detail the local schools: public or private…


Compulsory education in Turkey lasts 12 years. It includes:

– Elementary school (grades 1-4);

– Secondary school (grades 5-8);

– High school (9th – 12th grade).

Children of different ages study in different buildings, according to the classification of the school.


Education is funded by the State and is provided in public schools free of charge (between the ages of 6 and 18). Secondary or high school education is not required, but it is necessary for admission to universities. Admission to public and private schools is no different, the only difference is that you go to the state school at the place of residence, and choose a private one at will, regardless of location.

How to get into school:

At the end of summer / beginning of September, come to your chosen school and go to the director.


Have the documents with you:

– a photo of the child;

TAPU (if there is property in Turkey);

– personal file of the child of the school (if the child started studying in another country) without translation;

Residence permit (if it is issued, you will be enrolled without it, but later you need to inform);

– registration document from nüfüs müdürlüğü – located in Alanya. If he is not on hand, you need to know your residential address and inform the director when enrolling;

– a copy of the passport. passports;

– a copy of the notarized translation of the child’s birth certificate (you will still make such a translation for a residence permit).


It is best to come to the director’s rendezvous with an interpreter, as it will be necessary to build a dialogue in Turkish. Unfortunately, not everyone knows English perfectly either.


To study at a public school, you will need:

– school uniform (the address of the store will tell you at school);

– transfer (school bus that takes the child from home in the morning and returns home in the evening) – if needed;

– stationery (the class teacher at the first lesson gives a list of stationery, both for the student and for the teacher).


Textbooks are issued at school, but sometimes it is necessary to purchase additional ones. Everything is individual. In any case, the expenses are minimal.

Also, during the year, they can request a certificate from a family doctor that the child is not contraindicated to play sports – such a certificate is obtained quickly and free of charge in sagalik ocagi – in the polyclinic at the place of residence.


In a private school, you need:

– payment of the academic year (100% or in installments – as agreed). For 100% payment there is a discount, please specify;

– school uniform (buy at the school itself with the school emblem. High price);

– purchase of textbooks and workbooks (buy at school, books are printed individually for each school. High price);

– stationery (also purchased at school for a fee. The price will be announced at school).

– transfer (morning collection of children from the complex and delivery after lessons to the complex. The price is usually high).


Schools accept all children, regardless of the level of knowledge of the Turkish language.

In the process of learning the language, everyone masters it.

But in public schools, this process is faster, since the number of local Turkish children prevails over the number of foreign ones.

In private schools, on the contrary, the number of foreign children is 80% higher than local residents.

It is important to understand that the child is located on the territory of the Republic of Turkey and regardless of which school he goes to, it is important to thoroughly study the Turkish language. Since the whole process and system of education is built in Turkish: teachers and textbooks in Turkish.

!Recommendation and advice for a student’s parent:

To help your child learn Turkish faster and integrate into the local environment faster, I advise you to connect an additional Turkish language tutor, who will remove the fear / language barrier, as well as help you learn Turkish in more depth, which will have a very positive and effective impact on your child’s learning and grades at school.

                                                                                         GOOD LUCK TO YOU!

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