Districts of MERSIN: varieties and differences

Districts of MERSIN: varieties and differences


Districts of MERSIN:
varieties and differences

Mersin is a large city and regional center in southeastern Turkey, located right on the Mediterranean coast. The population of Mersin is more than 2 million people, so there is all the developed urban infrastructure for a comfortable life.

Districts of Mersin

The city of Mersin is divided into 13 large districts. Consider the most popular for living and investing.

районы Мерсина

Central districts of the city: Yenisehir and Mezitli.

1. Yenisehir

Yenisehir is a district in Mersin Province (Turkey), currently part of the city of Mersin. The name of the district translates as “new town” from tur. yeni is a new, şehır — city.

This is the central prosperous district of Mersin, along which a cozy embankment with a length of 7 km stretches along the coastline. It is considered the most popular place in this area for walking and leisure: there are sports grounds, bike paths, and green alleys. Also on the embankment is the Mersin Marina, where small yachts, boats and speedboats are parked, as well as many cafes, restaurants and shops.

Forum Shopping Center, which is one of the three largest shopping centers in Europe, is also located in the Yenisehir district. This is one of the favorite places of both locals and tourists. Shopping is a great pleasure for customers due to the large number of well-known brands and brands, the comfort of the building.

The area is home to the major University of Toros (Toros University) and the University of Mersin (Mersin University). And by the way, there are large private clinics, private and public schools in the area.

Almost all the best sports facilities of Mersin are also located in Yenisehir: stadiums, volleyball and gyms, Olympic swimming pools, athletics and tennis complexes. Real estate in Yenisehir is suitable for lovers of active city life, permanent residence in a large city near all developed infrastructure.

2. Mezitli

Mezitli is a municipality and district in Mersin Province, Turkey. Its area is 371 km2., and the population is about 222,436 people (as of 2022). It covers the westernmost part of Mersin city and the surrounding countryside.

This is a very popular central district of Mersin, which is located in the western part of the city. The district includes 40 microdistricts, the most popular of which are Teje, Davultepe, Soli, and Viranshehir. It is these neighborhoods that are located along the sea and attract real estate buyers with their developed infrastructure and resort atmosphere.

In Mezitli by the sea there is not only a beautiful walking area, but there is also a historical landmark – the ancient city of Soli-Pompeiopolis (Soli-Pompeiopolis Antik Kenti), founded in the 7th century BC. Near the ancient city there is a beach with a gentle entrance to the sea and equipped beaches of Salt, where you can have a good time in a cafe and a park area by the sea.


In Mezitli there is a chic urban infrastructure necessary for a comfortable life. The area is relatively new, the streets and avenues are wide here, and the houses are modern with good infrastructure inside the complex.

All the most popular chain supermarkets in Mezitli: “Migros”, “Sarrefour”, “BIM”, “ŞOK”, “A101”, from shopping centers can be noted “Soli Center Avm”, which presents stores of popular Turkish brands of clothing and footwear.

More than 60 public schools are provided for the education of children in Mezitli, there are also private colleges Sınav, Bahçeşehir, Final and TED. There are also a large number of sports complexes in the area.

In Mezitli you will also find real estate for every taste, options from both owners and developers. Residential complexes in Mezitli are most often large residences with a beautiful territory, where not only high–rise residential blocks are located, but there are also many areas of public infrastructure: swimming pools, tennis courts, sports fields, slides, a garden, walking alleys, gazebos and much more.

3. Teje

Teje is a microdistrict of the Mezitli district, but we want to tell you more about this microdistrict, because it is actively developing and being built up, and most importantly, it is the most Russian–speaking district of Mersin. It is located 20 km away. from the center of Mersin.

There used to be citrus orchards and plantations here, but now the area is very actively developing and being built up. With the advent of new residential complexes in the area, the infrastructure is also expanding: grocery stores, small cafes are within walking distance, and a farmer’s market is also held every week. There is gasification in the area, which is an advantage for winter living.

The neighborhood itself is not very large, there are no hospitals and, for example, private schools, but city buses run everywhere according to the schedule and transport links are well established. That is why you can easily get to the center of Mezitli if necessary. The beaches of Teje are sandy and pebbly, there are small park areas right by the sea and a pedestrian road. Most Russian-speaking compatriots prefer to buy real estate in this area.

Apartments in Teja are located in high-rise complexes with a large territory and close to the sea. Here you can find a spacious apartment with a sea view at a reasonable cost.


4. Erdemli

Erdemli is located in the western part of Mersin, 35 km from the center. The Erdemli district consists of 71 microdistricts, the most popular of which are: Cheshmeli, Tomyuk, Kyzkalesi, Limonlu.

This area is famous for its historical attractions, as well as wonderful beaches. The atmosphere of a quiet resort tourist life reigns in Erdemli. The hustle and noise of this area is not inherent.Erdemli is a very promising area that is actively developing. There is a large shopping center Novacity AVM and supermarket chains “Migros”, “Sarrefour”, “BIM”, “ŞOK”, “A101”. There are both public and private colleges and kindergartens for teaching children. There is a state hospital Erdemli Devlet Hastanesi and polyclinics in the neighborhoods. In about 30-40 minutes you can take a bus to the center of Mersin.With the beginning of the gasification of this area, many began to consider living in Erdemli not only in summer, but also in winter. And not only foreign buyers, but also local residents purchase real estate in Erdemli.

5. Tarsus

Tarsus (formerly Tarsus), (tur. Tarsus, etc.-Greek. ταρσός, arm. Տարսոն, Tarson) — a historical city in the south-central part of Turkey, part of the agglomeration of Adana-Mersin (tur. Adana-Mersin Büyükşehir Bölgesi). Tarsus forms an administrative region in the eastern part of Mersin Province.

30 km away. The historical city of Tarsus is located from Mersin, it is located in the east of the Chukurov Plain, 10 km away. from the Mediterranean Sea.

Tarsus is the birthplace of Saint Peter and the city where Cleopatra met Mark Anthony.

Cleopatra’s Gate (Kleopatra Kapısı), St. Paul’s Church, Tarsus (St. Paul Anıt Müzesi (Kilise), St. Paul’s Well (St. Paul Kuyusu), caves, waterfall – all this can be seen and visited in Tarsus.

Despite the fact that Tarsus is a tourist destination, there are practically no foreigners living in the city itself. Although there is all the infrastructure for local residents: shops, workshops, banks, schools, hospitals, there is a modern large shopping center in the city center.

A new airport of Mersin “Chukurova” has been built near the city. The Tarsus district stretches right up to the coastline. This area is located behind the port of Mersin in the east. There are coniferous green spaces along the sea in the Tarsus area.

At the moment, there is a plan for the development of this area in the tourist direction: new 5 * hotels will be located and built along the sea. The area is very promising and at the moment you can buy profitable apartments here.

Seismic activity in Turkey

There are 5 zones highlighted on the map. The most active seismic zones are considered to be 1 and 2, and zones 4 and 5 are the least active. Mersin is located in zone 4. A major Akkuyu nuclear power plant project was built in Mersin. And precisely because of the safest location and the minimum risk of earthquakes.

Now the population of Mersin is actively increasing due to internal migration, as well as due to the influx of foreigners. That is why Mersin has great investment potential. Both the cost of rent and the cost of real estate in Mersin is increasing every year, and the development of tourism in the region will attract additional foreign investment to the region.

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The future belongs to Mersin!

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